The Blacks have a beautiful garden. It smells ___________ roses.

A. of

B. about

C. away

D. out



23.Where was Lucy during the war?

A.In a zoo. B.In a forest. C.In a back garden.


from the top of the mountains, we find that our campus looks like a beautiful garden.



C.To see



"my uncle is dead now, but when i was a child, he( )with me in our garden."

A. would play

C. to play

D. used play



I was in a rush as always, but this time it was for an important date I just couldn’t be late for! I found myself at a checkout counter behind an elderly woman seemingly in no hurry as she paid for her groceries. A PhD student with not a lot of money, I had hurried into the store to pick up some flowers. I was in a huge rush, thinking of my upcoming evening. I did not want to be late for this date.

We were in Boston, a place not always known for small conversation between strangers. The woman stopped unloading her basket and looked up at me. She smiled. It was a nice smile-warm and reassuring-and I retuned her gift by smiling back.

“Must be a special lady,” whoever it is that will be getting those beautiful flowers,” she said.

“Yes, she’s special,” I said, and then to my embarrassment, the words kept coming out. “It’ s only our second date, but somehow I am just having the feeling she’s‘the one ,’”jokingly, I added, “The only problem is that I can’t figure out why she’d want to date a guy like me.”

“Well, I think she’s very lucky to have a boyfriend who brings her such lovely flowers and who is obviously in love with her,” the woman said. ”My husband used to bring me flowers every week-even when tines were tough and we didn’t have much money. Those were incredible days; be was very romantic and-of course- I miss him since he’s passed away.”

I paid for my flowers as she was gathering up her groceries. There was no doubt in my mind as I walked up to her. I touched her on the shoulder and said “You were right, you know. These flowers are indeed for a very special lady.” I handed the flowers and thanked her for such a nice conversation.

It took her a moment to realize that I was giving her the flowers I had just purchased. “You have a wonderful evening,” I said. I left her with a big smile and my heart warmed as I saw her smelling the beautiful flowers.

I remember being slightly late for my date that night and telling my girlfriend the above story. A couple of years later, when I finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry me, she told me that this story had helped to seal it for her-that was the night than I won her heart .

41.Why was the writer in a hurry that day?

A. He was to meet his girlfriend.B. He had to go back to school soon.

C. He was delayed by an elderly lady.D. He had to pick up some groceries.


AMake the most of the pleasant weather and enjoy the best walk of the year with friends and family. Use your 2 for 1 Entry in some of our favorite landscape gardens for a memorable day out.Painswick Rococo GardenFind beauty and quietness at the UKs only complete surviving Rococo Garden. Discover fanciful garden flowers, woodland walks, and beautifully framed (镶I匡)views across the valley. Dogs on short leads are permitted and the shop offers a range of seasonal and local produce.Book at .Open: closed 1-25 March, open 26-31 March, 10 am-4 pm, last entry 2:30 pm.Nymans GardenWalk down Spring Walk packed with seasonal flowers and pleasant smells, and enjoy the hedge (树篱)topped with frost. Routes include those with plenty of level paths to follow around the garden. Dogs are welcome every day from 1:30 pm, with a festive treat provided.Book at .Open: daily except 24-25 March, 10 am-4 pm.Ventnor Botanic GardenEven in early spring, there are typically over 200 varieties of plants to be seen flowering as you explore the 27 acres. Enjoy access to the coastal path and routes accessible for wheelchairs, and then warm up with cofiee milk in the cafe afterwards.Book at .Open: daily except 25 March, 9 am-4 pm.Gibside GardenEnjoy walking paths at this Georgian landscape garden, featuring plenty of wildlife. Follow the winding river and turning valley for fantastic views, up with hot chocolate and delicious biscuits in the second-hand bookshop.Book at .Open: daily except 24 and 25 March, 10 am-4 pm.What do Painswick Rococo Garden and Nymans Garden have in common?A. Valley views.B. Frosty flowers.C. Seasonal produce.D. Pet permission.Which garden favors people with walking disability?A. Painswick Rococo Garden.B. Nymans Garden.C. Ventnor Botanic Garden.D. Gibside Garden.Where can the text be found?A. In a research paper.C. In a science magazine.B. In a travel brochure. D. In a geography textbook.In addition to inspiring humans to pick up trash, the clever crows currently 63 (work) at the park are pretty excited to put their intelligence to work.It has become 64 exciting game for them/5 Nicolas says. nThey pick up the trash on the ground, and every day they 65 (reward) for what they have done.”Growing up, I was often the first Jewish person my classmates had ever met. I lived in Mississauga, Ontario, and was the only Jewish student in my grade 一 sometimes the only one in the whole school. This difference set me apart.Every September, I hated presenting the note my parents had expertly made to a teacher I was just getting to know. The note explained that I would be absent during the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I flatted that my teach、ers would label me the “Jewish kid.The real trouble always came as the local new years festival approached. I was Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah, not this festival. At school, on one day before the winter break, every class would sit in neat rows in the gym and sing songs from the festival. However,、 the music teacher sometimes played Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, a Jewish festival song, and I would feel hundreds of eyes staring at my red cheeks. As my friends counted down the days until the festival, I counted the days until it was over and I could go back to feeling normal.Each year during prima

It can be inferred from the passage that the goal of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka was to ______.

A. create a botanical garden where only exotic flowers grow

B. do a thorough study of plant structure

C. make a copy of one member of each United States flower family

D. show that glass flowers are more realistic than wax flowers


33.答案为C。根据第二段第一句,The intention was to have the collection represent at least one member of each flower family native to the United States作出该项选择。

_________gold is treasured not only for its beauty but also for its utility.

A. In conclusion

B. In contrast

C. In addition

D. In comparison

In conclusion的意思是“总之”;In contrast的搭配不存在;In addition的意思是“另外,加之”;In comparison的意思是“相比之下”。题干的意思是:“总之,人们珍爱黄金不仅因为它美,而且因为它有用。” 

Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are__ everyone's enjoyment.

A. in

B. at

C. for

D. to


完型填空Nowhere 21 seen a more untidy office than my friend Jame’s.Everywhere there are papers and books.Not only 22 never to be cleaned out, but also I do not think it is ever aired, for at no time have I seen any of the windows open.Often I have 23 James that he should open one, but each time he answered, “Not just now, Henry, later”.Luckily I do not have to go there very often nor do I stay there longer than I have to.Strangely enough, James is quite tidy outside his office.Only once have I seen him with a dirty 24 , for example.Nor is he careless about things like invitations.At no time 25 been known to forget a party, and no sooner does he receive an invitation 26 he answers it.Unfortunately, his office is quite differently run.Perhaps he does not like such a work.In his garden in the evenings and 27 , James is happy as soon as he gets home from the office.He begins to work in the garden.Always he seems to have some work to do there, and nowhere in his garden is there a curlier which is not tidy and well looked 28 .Seldom have I seen prettier flowers, or healthier vegetables, or smoother, greener grass than in James garden.Really.I think he ought 29 a farmer, so good is he 30 such work.

21.A.have I I

C.I have

D.I do

22.A.does it seem does seem seems it seem








25.A.will he

B.he will

C.has he

D.he has



D.when week-ends week-end week-ends week-ends



D.for as go have been





“my uncle is dead now, but when i was a child, he( )with me in our garden.“

A. used play

B. would play

C. play

D. to play


更多 “2022高考英语精选试题” 相关考题
考题 The flowers in the garden need _____badly; otherwise they will dry up have watered答案:A解析:need doing=need to be did 表示需要去做某事;也就是说,need watering=need to be watered,即原句句意为花园里的花非常需要浇水,否则很快就会干枯。

考题 I know Ms.Hamilton's handwriting.She always writes beautifully.This handwriting is so ba So I believe this ( ) be hers.A、shouldB、must notC、can notD、can参考答案:C

考题 单选题Your composition _________beautifully. Is it the one I saw you rite yesterday?A readsB readC is readD was read正确答案:D解析:

考题 I am very surprised to _________the odd skull in this formidable locker. A. have come across B. coming across C. come across D. came across答案:C解析:考查动词不定式用法。be surprised to 后面要用动词原形,故选come across。句意:无意中在这个可怕的储物柜中发现了奇怪的头骨,这让我很吃惊。come across 无意中发现;偶遇。

考题 Which two statements are true about simple views?()A、Views can be created as read only.B、Views are data segments like tables.C、Views can be created on the basis of more than one table.D、Data manipulation language (DML) operations cannot be performed on views.正确答案:A,C

考题 问答题Because of its savory sauce and its elegant presentation, the chicken and broccoli at Kudeta received a better review                  A                                Bin the Dining Guide than did Hunan Garden. No error     C           D       E正确答案:D解析:句子就Kudeta和Hunan 花园中的鸡和花椰菜做了对比,所以D中的短语不是完整的,应加上the chicken and broccoli at。

考题 I bought some roses______ I bought some flowers.A.entails B.presupposes C.isinconsistentwith synonymous with答案:A解析:本题考查句子间语义关系。A选项,entails 蕴含关系,关系是一种意义的包含关系。X蕴含Y ,我买了花,包含我买了玫瑰,综上,A选项正确。B选项,presupposes 预设关系, 就是一个命题以另一个命题为先决条件的意义关系,不合题意,故排除。C选项, is inconsistent with不一致关系,不合题意,故排除。D选项,is synonymous with同义关系,如果两个句子表达相同或相近的意义,不合题意,故排除。故正确选项为A。

考题 单选题Some vessels are equipped with a water lubricated stern robeWhen at sea, operating under normal conditions, the water service valve from the ships saltwater system to the bearing should be ().A closed, and no leakage permitted across the shaft packingB closed, and only slight leakage permitted across the shaft packingC open, and no leakage permitted across the shaft packingD open, and only slight leakage permitted across the shaft packing正确答案:B解析:暂无解析

考题 The thief had left an impression ( ) his foot in the garden.A.onB.atC.aboutD.of正确答案:A

考题 The RECYCLEBIN parameter is set to ON for your database. You drop a table,PRODUCTS,from the SCOTT schema.  Which two statements are true regarding the outcome of this action?()A、 All the related indexes and views are automatically droppedB、 The flashback drop feature can recover only the table structureC、 Only the related indexes are dropped whereas views are invalidatedD、 The flashback drop feature can recover both the table structure and its data正确答案:C,D